At Ventus, we don't just talk a good game; we have practical, reliable solutions that allow us to deliver the bottom-line benefits you need. We know how critical it is for you to have ready access to accurate, updated information on every aspect of your logistics. That's why we offer advanced web-based solutions such as:

Shipment Visibility and Tracking

Get comprehensive data on your material inventory whenever you need it. Our system lets you view entry number, merchandise PO number, weight, inspection status, numbers of pieces/pallets/cartons, merchandise descriptions, receipt dates, tracking numbers, number of days in the warehouse and more.

Online Monitoring Web Page

Following your Ventus transactions and jobs online couldn't be easier, thanks to our online monitoring web page.

  • Reports: You can get multiple pre-designed or customized reports with the data you need to to make smart foreign trade decisions.
  • Login: Tour team members will have a custom name and password to access valuable information on their operations. They can also view the digital file on each customs declaration.
  • Ventus Track: The Ventus Track system sends automated email blasts to inform your team of a wealth of activities as they transpire – from arrival at the warehouse, customs status and selection reports to reports on customs declaration payments, the time your merchandise left the border zone, and U.S. customs responses to SED.
  • Report Menu

    Our report menu serves as a convenient all-in-one data resource. View and select such helpful report options as cleared/received entries, load plan invoices, crossed merchandise, paid customs declarations, and daily inventory/import/export information.

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