If you're looking into the world of U.S. and Mexico customs brokers for the first time, you may not be sure of what you need or what such providers can give you. If you've used customs brokers before, you may have had some unhappy experiences from brokers who routinely misled you about the status of your customs documentation, transportation, storage or distribution due to an unfortunate lack of transparency, accountability, or basic ethics.

Ventus Global Logistics has enjoyed success in the customs brokerage and logistics arenas for over 30 years. That's largely due to our firm stance as an ethical, reliable company who bases its activities on honesty, accountability, dedication to quality, and good old-fashioned hard work. We bring a unique mix of energy, creativity, energy and resourcefulness to our efforts to uphold the highest standards in our industry. We're always striving to strengthen our relationships with our clients and business partners so we can help them achieve success – because their success is our success.

That's where Ventus Global Logistics stands apart. We have established ourselves as the transparent, honest, experienced customs broker and logistics services solutions provider for a wide range of businesses and industries in Mexico and the U.S. From web-based tracking and reporting systems to our bonded warehousing and ISO-9001-2015 certification, we hold ourselves accountable to our clients and to a high standard of quality.

Who We Serve

Ventus has extensive, wide-ranging experience serving many kinds of industries and organizations. Examples include:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Automotive industry companies
  • Food suppliers
  • Metal industry merchandise
  • Chemical companies, products and byproducts (including HazMat)
  • Electronic components and products
  • Finished products (import/export)
  • Manufacturers
  • Contact us to find out whether we're able to handle your specific kinds of merchandise or materials.

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