Ventus Global Logistics and the ports of Mexico – Port of Altamira

Mexico is ranked 11th out of the 20 countries with the highest global exports and the Port of Altamira is among the top 5 principal ports in the country.

An estimated 80% of global trade moves by sea.

The National Port System has 102 ports and 15 out-of-port terminals that connect companies operating in Mexico with 145 countries. According to official information, it is distributed as follows:

The National Port System of Mexico consists of 5 main ports

The Port of Altamira has positioned itself as the main entrance for the handling of goods in International Trade, of the Central and Bajio Zones of the Mexican Republic. The construction of the port of Altamira was carried out in an unpopulated area, which allowed it to take an area of 1,600 hectares of land, over the years the port has been developed until container ships entered, after this the port was developed to the point that it now has terminals for multiple uses. Today the port is composed of terminals for bulk carriers, for chemical cargoes and for liquefied gas. During the period from January to September of this year, the Port has operated more than 16.5 million tons, registering an increase of 27% compared to the same period of the previous year, and 1,451 ships served through its different port terminals, which represents an increase of 16%.

In the course of this year the Port of Altamira has added new cargo projects that have led to the increase in its loads, an example of this is loose general cargo, which presents a growth of 78% compared to what was operated in the same period of the previous year, mobilizing at the end of September more than 3 million tons, Among them stands out the movement of finished cars with 230 thousand 940 units, and a growth of 19% in this line of business.

On the other hand, the mineral bulk cargo had a significant growth, reporting 19% with a movement that reached 4 million tons, and as for agricultural bulk, 829,139 tons were mobilized through the port area resulting in an increase of 37% compared to the previous period.

Ventus Global Logistics offers customs agency services and its extensive commercial relationship with some of the 21 shipping companies that arrive at the port and of whom we are business partners.

These are the main shipping companies with which Ventus Global Logistics is a partner:

Today the Port of Altamira occupies the 1st place in the total movement of petrochemical fluids, 2nd in the handling of cars through the Gulf of Mexico and the 4th place in the total movement of cargo nationwide and containers, which makes it one of the 4 most important ports in the country.

And as for land transport in Altamira, do not hesitate to contact us if you have needs to move containers from Altamira to the entire Mexican Republic. We have the necessary resources to cover all transport needs and logistical support to complement and offer high quality services.

Ventus Global Logistics is headquartered in Laredo, TX and has distribution centers in Laredo, TX and Monterrey, NL. Contact us today for all of your freight forwarding needs.

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