Driver Training Center in Mexicali Offers Greater U.S.-Mexican Highway Safety

Driver Center in Mexicali

On April 6, officials from the municipality of Mexicali, CANACAR (Camara Nacional del Autotransporte de Carga, Mexico's counterpart to the American Trucking Association), Cecati 84 (workforce/training agency for the State of Baja California), Kenworth Mexicana, and U.S.A. de C.V. a subsidiary of truck manufacturer Kenworth Trucks, gathered in Mexicali, Baja California for the inauguration of a new heavy truck driver training center.

John Kearney, CEO of Advanced Training Systems LLC (ATS), which supplied CECATI 84 with 2 Fleetmaster - KW 680 motion-based simulation technology and ATS's Quadrant Driver Training Methodology for the new center, and Enrique Mar, COO, ATS, issued a joint statement that "This center provides dynamic world class simulator-based effective training for new drivers. It will mean better prepared drivers resulting in safer deliveries and highways on both sides of the border."

The director for the new Mexicali center CECATI 84, Jesus Omar Bon Campos, notes that its training will be provided through the ATS Quadrant methodology of integrating "adaptive training" into a time-tested three-element approach: instructor-led training, computer-based training, and simulator-based training. He pointed out that aspiring drivers can learn the basics of driving, as well as develop the skills necessary to deal with adverse weather and road conditions— before boarding a real truck. They have five simulators, two trailers, and a maneuvering track of 20 hectares (about 50 acres).

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